Thank you for all you do at ACP!

2018 Caregiver Awards


January 2018

Melissa English

Melissa English has worked with numerous families in northeast Georgia, and currently manages a case in Clayton. The patient that she currently spends her time with has seen a tremendous amount of progress with her assistance. She fully embraces being a member of the ACP family!

February 2018

Jessica Moore-Brown

Jessica has gone above and beyond this month with her patient care!   She helps out at the last minute sometimes simply because she knows a family is in need, and everyone loves her!

March 2018

Elsie Allen

Elsie has embodied ACP’s mission statement to bring the highest level of nursing care to each and every patient she sees. The cases she’s currently staffing have seen a tremendous amount of improvement in all areas!

April 2018

Debbie Jeffares

Debbie is one of ACP’s most loyal caregivers as she’s been with the company since 2012! This is also a special win because Debra is the first to be awarded “Caregiver of the Month” twice! Anyone in the office would know that Debra is as solid as a rock. She is extremely reliable and has always been a breath of fresh air on any case she takes on. 

May 2018

Sydney Love

Sydney is adores in the ACP office as well as in the field!

“My family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care that we receive from Sydney Love. Her sensitivity and support has helped us and my son since the first day she walked in our home”

June 2018

 Carlos Barroso

“Carlos has been with ACP for two and a half years and is one of the most consistent caregivers I’ve worked with. He single-handedly staffs one of our cases and is flawless with the care he provides. The connection with his patient is clear from the way Carlos speaks about him, as well as the fact that the only picture Carlos has of himself includes his patient. ”-

July 2018

Crystal Chumley

“Crystal has gone above and beyond this month for her patients! Her two families have been nothing but ecstatic with her care, and one of them has been improving drastically from his previous state, all because of her! Crystal has been with the company for about 2 years now and has already been employee of the month twice! The very intricate care that she provides for all patients is amplified by her friendly and outgoing personality. Congrats Crystal and thank you for your dedication!” – Chad Watson

August 2018

Ethel Enongene

Ethel has been a great asset to our team, and has earned herself a place in the ACP Family with her hard work and dedication.  Her nursing is the quiddity of excellence, and her documentation helps her family maintain the hours they need.  She has been consistently keeping her patient well with her persistence, and the patients family is her family now!  She never calls out, and always has a positive attitude.  Way to go Ethel!

September 2018

October 2018

Kay Watson

We’d like to give a big shout out to Kay Watson this month for her hard work and dedication to her patients!  Not only is she a fairly new hire, but she has already exceeded expectations in all areas.  This includes but is not limited to her excellent care of her patients, great communication with supervisors and schedulers, and her great sense of customer service.  She has received nothing but  overly positive comments from the kiddos mothers, and we are more than happy to have her in the ACP family!

November 2018

December 2018