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ACP uses a patient centric approach to care. We work closely with families to build a strong environment of trust and confidence as we work with you to implement the right care plan for your child. learn more Our Services

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ACP is committed to providing clinical excellence for our children through superior customer service by our qualified and caring team

Nothing is more precious than our children. When medical circumstances require more care than what Mom and Dad can provide, in-home care may be an option that would allow your family a better quality of life. That quality of life difference can provide for a better, more enjoyable daily life for your child and for you.

Advanced Care Pediatrics is a provider of pediatric home care services for medically fragile children. We have Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) experienced in performing care according to the patient’s needs and doctor’s orders. Whether your child requires care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, intermittent days or evenings, or hourly blocks to provide respite from the constancy of care, ACP’s highly qualified team of RN’s and LPN’s stand ready to help.

At Advanced Care Pediatrics we commit through our “Key Imperatives” that

  • WE ARE PROFESSIONALS – On Time, Dressed Appropriately, Ready to Work.
  • We Are Vigilant.
  • We Value the Safety & Privacy of Our Staff & Families.
  • We Will Communicate Changes & Concerns As They Occur.
  • We Will Always Tell the Truth & Report Fraud & Abuse.
  • We Are Committed To Being Advocates for Our Children By Providing the Best Quality Care.
  • We Will Always Utilize Qualified Employees & Provide On-Going Training.